Fundraising Tips!

Your church needs a new roof, your 5th-grader's class needs money for its field trip, your club needs to raise funds for property assessments— and somehow, you are in charge! Through crossed eyes, you only see more zeroes in the bank balance. Where to start? Well, uncross your eyes; you've come to the right place! At Fundraising, our goal is to help you meet your goal!

We take you through the steps that help you build your nest egg from scratch and use it to make even more money! So get your temperature gauge ready because we have the ideas and tips that will send your project through the top! Starting with Fundraising Tips, you'll get an idea of what goes into a successful fundraiser and how to avoid the pitfalls of fundraising. Next, in Fundraising Ideas, we give you a free list of ideas to get the ball rolling with some details that start it off with a good push. Get specific pointers for the two most common types of fundraising in School Fundraising and Church Fundraising.

Fundraising Strategies will help you form and outline your plan of action. In Fundraising Letters, we show you how to successfully request contributions. Then we show you how to put a small nest egg to good use with Fundraising Products. Last, and most importantly, Organizing a Fundraiser shows you how to implement your plan from first contact to final deposit!

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